7 Reasons Why Passing Exam Is Not A Mountain To Climb
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7 Reasons Why Passing Exam Is Not A Mountain To Climb

Learn tips on how to actually pass exams the easiest way and with flying colors.

Hi reader,

Passing examinations whether in high school, college, junior school and at any other institution that test individual performance is what everyone strive for.

Examinations generally, are tests or performance evaluation tasks that aim at analysing how much one know about a particular topic or subject. When one attain the set grades or marks, he or she is awarded the performance result either a merit or demerit.

Everyone want to pass in exams though there are still others who may not make it. The Internet nowadays, has become a gold-mine of knowledge and has become resourceful to anyone who want to accomplish a particular research, task or job including those who want to pass exams too.

I would like to bring to your notice for those of you who are about to do your exams that this article explains to you how and why it's not a mountain to climb but just a test of how much you know.

I have come to learn that if you want to pass your exam the easiest way and with flying colors; the following 7 tips are must-do things. They are:

1. Set Your Goals and Plans

The secret to passing examinations is by setting your goals and plans that will act as guidelines. Before you near or are about to put your pen to paper, consider setting what you want to attain and achieve in that exam e.g. An 'A' or 'Average' etc.

Your plans may be broken down into three achievable milestones like short, medium and long term plans. Goals on the other hand, maybe something like; Attain the highest marks in the exam, be among average performers or something between.

2. Learn To Read

The second other tip to reduce your exam failures worries and stress, is to read ahead of others. Reading help you gain knowledge and understanding of the topic or subject you know nothing about.

Books for example are sources of examination-passing-blessings for people who are not limited to reading a book. If you want to be passing your exams, learn to read widely.

Others sources of knowledge gain are; Internet, Newspapers, Encyclopedia, Journals and magazines which one can use to access information about any topic under the sun. E books are too are knowledge source online!

Therefore, if reading is not a problem, then consider doing it a lot and often and I believe passing exam is not going to be a mountain to climb.

Another thing to add to this is; be proactive when attending to your lessons and always be on the know-how of various topics.

3. Be On Your Guard

This is another important way to remember before you sit for your exams.

Examination preparation before the actual set date or time is a very crucial thing you should have with you at all time. Students are prone to waiting the last minutes and then, they start rushing which leads to cramming, panicking, confusion, as well as low confidence and failure.

Most examiners' aim is to test at how well one is prepared and in some instances, they may opt to set questions you never thought to come in your exam.

To avoid such as this, you've to prepare and revise ahead all topics starting with the simplest one that you think maybe an insult if it's tested. The reason for this is that, you never know unless you have the 'leakage'!

4. Practice Makes Perfect

Subjects that have calculations and formulas such as mathematics or commercial arithmetic needs constant practice so as to grasp them. Other subjects and topics do also require you to practice them everyday so as to be confidence and be able to have them at your fingertips.

The best known technique to boost your mind's ability to remember information is to; Learn less but often (I use this myself).

I wasn't good at Maths following my years from fourth grade to sixth grade though I was among the brightest pupils during my primary school days. (Reason; I hate doing something over and over again).

I got to be the best performer when I learn to practice at the time I reached seventh grade. Mathematics was even the highest subject in my K.C.P.E (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) final exams.

I believe you too can do well in anything if you practice it always because every moment of it lead to perfection of end results hence success in it. Just use that formula of learning less but often. For example; if you want to improve your vocabulary, learn one new word everyday from the dictionary and by the end of a year(365 days), you'll have known 365 new words!

5. Change Your Attitude

This not something I should tell anyone who want to pass exams once but as always, I remind by saying that attitude is a factual thing that can determine if you'll pass or fail.

How many times when you see this teacher or heard about this subject and you feel like wanting to vomit? Or immediately the lessons starts, you want to dose off or feels that your eyes are heavy not even to mention that your head is telling you to understand not even a thing or two?

Anyway, if you happen to be doing the exam for that teacher or subject that you negatively think of, it's time you stop it now and start embracing or loving it.

Otherwise, if you continue that way, its exams shall and will always be a mountain for you to climb.

6. Revise Latest and Past Papers

Once again, I would like to say that read and revise all topics that come to your hands and eyes that are related to what you are studying its exam. You may not predict what they actually are going to bring in the exam but I guess you too do know that there are times when they may set questions that are in past papers.

Sometime, examiners may want to find out if your head is updated and this; the test on latest trends in your field or industry which you need to be aware of at all times.

If you are one of those who don't want to miss out on what is happening around you, chances maybe in your docket and thereby, you maybe ahead of others and well prepared.

7. Be Yourself

Lastly but not least, don't try to be someone whom you aren't. Neither should you copy nor depend on someone's work because it's a way of misleading yourself.

In other words, I am saying, your work is all is needed to achieve better grades or marks in that exam that you are about to do. That's you reap what you sow is every man is secret to make a mountain-to-climb examination to a .....

5 Warnings

I don't want or mean to scare you but take heed of the following so as to bring the best out of yourself. The 5 warnings include:

  • Avoid bad company because it will ruin you and your performances.
  • Don't cram as this might be dangerous to your mind's ability to remember things and remember it's the shortest route to automatic failure in exams.
  • Never procrastinate because this is a form of laziness.
  • Negative attitude towards a subject or teacher can lead to failure.
  • Don't force your mind to remember or take in information instead figure out your learning style.


Examination can take you nowhere and never kill anyone. So get rid of fear and panicking. Moreover, don't imagine it to be as hard-to-climb as a mountain instead become a mountain that an exam should climb.

Best regards,

Malok Mading

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Comments (9)

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I've been through this. Time passes and it always pays to do your best.

Very good article!

You are right about reading ahead of others. This really help as you may have questions.

@Pat, awesome time to add on. @Ann, I appreciate your kind words. @Jill, you really observe and it is great sharing your feedback. Thanks for passing by.

Procrastination and cramming seem to go hand-in-hand. If one can avoid procrastination, cramming won't be needed. Excellent tips you've provided, Malok.

Hi Sharla, You have a point. It's such a honor to hear from you. Awesome feedback from you. Thanks for the follow.

Excellent tips and advise, I will be passing this on to my children who are in high school..voted

You are most welcome Ms.Marie! I had been on holiday and it took me long to come back to reply. It's great hearing from you.