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CCE is the new Education system being implemented in some classes in India. It is the replacement for the Earlier Board Examinations.
Published by Drona Negi 99 months ago in Schools & Education | +11 votes | 22 comments
It is somewhat surprising that world-class scrabble players are really familiar with thousands of words – but have no clue as to their meaning! The reason for this is the way the game is constructed, giving value to individual letters being simply point-scoring symbols. This renders word definitions irrelevant and confines them to the dustbin in this particular scenario.
Published by Colin Dovey 97 months ago in Schools & Education | +26 votes | 18 comments
Oxford the oldest surviving University in the English speaking world
Published by Johnny Dod 104 months ago in Schools & Education | +14 votes | 17 comments
This article is based on interviews with special education professionals and what it takes to succeed as a special education teacher.
Published by Chris Stonecipher 103 months ago in Schools & Education | +16 votes | 14 comments
At the beginning, the two compulsory subjects taught were Latin and the only sport played at the time archery.
Published by Johnny Dod 103 months ago in Schools & Education | +25 votes | 12 comments
Cambridge University the second oldest university in England
Published by Johnny Dod 104 months ago in Schools & Education | +17 votes | 11 comments
How to deal with coursework and assessment
Published by Angelique Fyre 105 months ago in Schools & Education | +5 votes | 11 comments
Current legislation including No Child Left Behind and IDEA, as well as the current inclusion trend for placement of students with mild disabilities indicates many students with Specific Learning Disabilities (LD) will be receiving instruction in the general education classroom rather than a more restrictive special education setting (Steele, 2010). In order for students with LD to succeed in the general education environment, teachers must be cognizant of how information processing affects lear...
Published by Chris Stonecipher 82 months ago in Schools & Education | +20 votes | 10 comments
A student with cerebral palsy may have cognitive and motor disabilities and require an IEP to access special education services through an IEP. The purpose of this paper is to present a student who experiences cerebral palsay, analyze the specific disabling conditions, the student presents and discuss complications involved with the disorder.
Published by Chris Stonecipher 83 months ago in Schools & Education | +9 votes | 10 comments
Learn tips on how to actually pass exams the easiest way and with flying colors.
Published by Malok Mading 84 months ago in Schools & Education | +5 votes | 9 comments
How to Maximize StudentsÂ’ Learning Using Social Networking Websites? Ways on how to maximize students' learning using social networking websites.
Published by Anncash16 84 months ago in Schools & Education | +11 votes | 9 comments
Eton college, the number one public school. "The Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing-fields of Eton” There can be no other school in the world that can match the number of distinguished figures that have made their mark on our world.
Published by Johnny Dod 103 months ago in Schools & Education | +18 votes | 9 comments
A guide for students on the purpose of note taking and highlighting and how to do this.
Published by Elizabeth Nuttall 82 months ago in Schools & Education | +6 votes | 8 comments
Students learning the English language offen use the present simple tense instead of the present continuous. This article explains the importance pf learning the correct use and gives specific examples.
Published by Marion Caragounis 91 months ago in Schools & Education | +7 votes | 8 comments
Why is education important? This age old question lives on and most of us really do not have the answer. Let us try to analyze it now.
Published by Kamika Stewart 84 months ago in Schools & Education | +12 votes | 7 comments
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