How to Face Exams?
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How to Face Exams?

The most common and easiest way to face exam for students of school.

Every student in school has a dream to pass his exams and get the best marks. If we leave some expectations all students work hard. But not all of them get same marks. Some get good marks and some fail in exams.

If every student is aware of the real facts of facing the exams he can get better results.

The main important thing is student compare each other with their hard work done during the exams time. They have an impression that the more time they will give for study the more easier they will face the exams and the better result they will get. This is very big misunderstanding. It all depends upon the intellectual power, i.q. , memory power and the grasping power. Giving more time on studies during the exams specially gives sometimes negative and adverse effects. 

Instead of giving more time on study during exams it is better to study constantly for a fix time every day as per your intelligence for whole year. A simple example to understand; suppose you not eat for six days then is it possible that in the seventh day you eat all together the stuff of seven days. This is of course harmful if you do it. Same thing you do, you not study properly whole year and right before exams you study day and night and the results are that while facing exams either you are sleeping, or you get sad since you forget everything.

Another important misunderstanding students create is related with 'confidence'. We start prayers, seek for blessings, lucky charms etc. and just diverge our confidence. Suppose we buy a special pen for exam and think that this is our lucky pen for the exams. Now what happens while you were in the examination hall you find that you forget that pen. Now you loose your confidence and the way you face exams is totally different and is ought to give you minus results. So if we believe that Some super power will help you or some lucky thing will hep you, it is just your trust which is working. But if you believe and trust totally in yourself and and your hard work that you have done than this will be the best way to face the exam.

Another important thing in exam is to balance the time factor. Always solve easy questions first, then little harder and so on. Always be brief and reply to the point. Like this way you will save you time. After completing the exam paper, read it again and add more where ever you find it necessary. For that always leave some gap after every answer. 

The last but not least never wake late nights before exams, and at least stop revisions before few hours of exams. Maintain your diet and sleep and keep yourself healthy, relaxed and cheerful.

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