How to Get a Job Teaching Abroad
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How to Get a Job Teaching Abroad

Teaching Abroad is Fun and Rewarding

Teaching abroad can be a fun, exciting and educational experience. You will get to spend time in another country and experience their culture. It’s sort of like a working vacation. Not only do you get to travel the world but you also get paid while you’re doing it. Another benefit to teaching abroad is you also learn about their culture and sometimes if you stay long enough pick up some of their language.

Before you make the decision to teach, you need to consider whether it is the right kind of job for you. Teaching can be fun but it can also be stressful and nerve racking. Teachers need to be patient and understanding. They also need to be able to interject personality into the information. Students of all ages respond better to teachers that are passionate about their jobs.

Types of Positions

There are different types of teaching position when you are considering teaching abroad. Some countries are short of teachers and do hire for general teaching positions. However most of the abroad jobs are as English teachers. Other countries find it important to learn English and there are many vacancies for English teachers.

Qualifications and Requirements

If you are looking for a general teaching position then you need to have a degree in education just like you would need to teach in the United States.

If you are looking to teach English, then you will need a certification in teaching English to non English speakers. There are three common certifications. All of these certifications require you to take courses of varying lengths. Some of the most in depth course may take 120 hrs and require you to also do come actual classroom teaching. Remember when selecting a course that the more intensive the course the better prepared you will be to teach.

  1. The first is Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
  2. The second is Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
  3. The third is the Cambridge English Language Award (CELTA).

One other thing you may need is a Visa. A work Visa is needed to teach in other countries. Some countries such as Japan and Korea will require you to possess an undergraduate degree in order to get a work Visa.

Finding a Job Abroad

When looking for a teach abroad job you need to be careful because there are people of there posting fictional jobs on the internet in order scam people. It is best to go through an established organization such as the JET program in Japan.

Before selecting a job to apply for you should do a lot of research about the area. Check the average cost of living in the area compared to the salary you will be receiving. Also, you may want to make sure that there is an American consulate and hospital nearby. Another thing you will want to check is the level of teaching. Is it a position teaching business people, or children.

The following websites will help you to find job listings, requirements and discussion boards on teaching abroad:

Additional resources:

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Comments (2)

While the general advice here is good, the specifics are all wrong: "The first is Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) The second is Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) The third is the Cambridge English Language Award (CELTA). " CELTA stands for (Cambridge) Certificate in English Language Teaching for Adults (no mention of "Award") The other two are general terms for the industry and in no way names of qualifications. I could go on, but instead choose a site that specialises in TEFL/ TESOL information, such as my blog

alexcase, thank you for your comment. I received my information from an ESLL Teacher in the State of Hawaii. After reading you comment I did a little more research on the subject. You are right about the meaning of CELTA and for that I do apologize the information I was given was incorrect and I should of double checked it before posting. I am aware that TEFL/TESOL are general terms in the industry, however there are also certification/qualification courses offered.