How to Tell Someone is Cheating on a Test
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How to Tell Someone is Cheating on a Test

How do you cheat on a test? What's the best way to cheat on a test? What are some clever ideas to cheat on a test? What's a great way to cheat on a test without getting caught? How do you cheat on a test without getting caught? This article provides readers a list of different methods teens are using these days to cheat on tests. Whether you're a teacher trying to catch cheaters or a student looking to utilize this information, this article provides some of the most clever methods of cheating.

As ugly as this topic is, cheating is an extremely common occurence in schooling these days. Students are going off on crazy tangents to ensure themselves a high grade with very little effort involved. This article will explain common methods that students use to cheat, as well as some clever ideas that just might be unheard of. I'd like to make a special note that this article is for students looking to improve their grade safely as well as teachers looking to find out how their students are cheating as well as how to catch them.

One of the most common forms of cheating is to write the answers down on a small piece of paper, and hide this paper in your pocket. It's very mainstream, but it's effective. Another suggestion is to write extremely small clue words on a piece of paper, and keep that small piece of paper tucked in your waste-band. This will provide safe refuge for the cheat-sheet as well as easy-access in times of need.

You can also take the cheat sheet and hide it inbetween your thighs. This provides you with an easy access to the answers, and it also provides safe refuge for the cheat sheet because not many people are going to look at your crotch for any reason at all.

If you've got a big test coming up that you know you're going to need to cheat on, plan in advance. Wear shorts to school, any kind is fine, and write answers on the tops of your thighs. Then, while you're sitting in your seat, simply slide your pant-legs up, and expose the answers. This is probably the safest method, because teachers simply cannot ask a student to pull their shorts up and expose their thighs. A similar method to this is to write answers on your ankle and up your leg. You can then fold your leg over your knee and look at the answers on your leg. You just need to make sure you wear long pants that day. Wearing white shorts will also provide for an easy method of cheating. Make the cheat-sheet, and put it in your pocket. If you press down on the material, any writing on paper beneath the white material will become visible, and if you don't want your cheat sheet to be seen, simply don't press down on your pants.

Another great way to cheat is to write answers on your finger-nails in pencil. This is tedious, and requires planning, time, and patience. It also is a very effective method of cheating. You can easily look at your finger nails without any suspicion, and you can easily remove the graphite from your nails by licking your thumb and wiping across the nail.

Although cheating is an ugly action, it is sadly very popular. Hopefully this helps crack down on those who are cheating to make things fair for those who put in the effort to study and succeed.

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He, he, I always thought it was less trouble to study than cheat!