How to Use LiveBinders in Education
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How to Use LiveBinders in Education

Strategies, techniques, and tips are provided for demonstrating the capabilities an online organization and storage tool has for supporting teaching and learning.

LiveBinders is a free web 2.0 tool which offers educators the ability to save and organize materials for any class. One advantage of this online service the capability to update a binder anywhere an educator has internet access. This benefit offers teachers and instructors a convenient location which their students can visit during and after school. Online resources placed in a binder help students complete homework assignments, complete research, review project rubrics, and listen podcasts.

Another advantage of LiveBinders for teachers and instructors are the update features designed in each binder. The design of this web 2.0 tool offers educators the ability to rapidly update information in any lesson, unit, or project as new information or procedures become available. Also, there are no design or layout issues to contend with because everything uploaded to the binder is organized in tabs and sub-tabs.

The tabs and sub-tab, similar to pages in a book, organize information and resources for ease of students viewing. The features of these binders allow educators to upload resources in the form of PDFs, images, presentations, videos, podcasts, documents, and more. If a teacher or instructor desires to include links to online resources, all they need to do is create a special tab for these links.

Strategies for Using this Online Tool in Any Class or Course

The following are strategies for how to use LiveBinders to support teaching and learning in education.

Student Assignments/Projects

This is a collection of assignments and projects for students to complete as the year progresses. All information students need to complete their work is provided such as rubrics, web based resources, and assignment or project requirements.

One example is creating a LiveBinder for a specific assignment or project for students to upload their finished work. Students can then use their uploaded work for classroom presentations.


This free online tool provides an excellent method for saving online materials such as websites, images, interactive sources, and documents related to a specific lesson or unit. Examples include:

• Units which involve two or more subject areas, such as a Thematic Unit on data collection and analysis of geometric shapes in nature.

• A collection of mobile learning Apps for the iPod Touch, Smart Phones, or iPad related to the lesson or unit for student use.

• A collection of project- or problem-based learning activities.

Student Resources

These are resources students can use throughout the year or for specific periods of time such as a study guide for a test or final. Examples of these resources include:

• Classroom procedures.

• Lab safety procedures.

• Guides for using online tools such as Google Search, Google Docs, Skype, Wordle, Glogster, online calculator, and digital storytelling.

• Guides for using digital devices such as an iPod Touch, iPad, Kindle, probeware, flip camera, and digital camera.

• Science and math interactive manipulatives, games, and other online resources to help reinforce concepts taught in class.

• Study guides for writing math equations, algebra, rainforests, balancing chemical equations, punctuation guidelines, bibliography procedures, historical dates and events, and more.

• List of math formulas.

• Links to online interactive games and web based resources.

Tips for Professional Development use by Teachers and Instructors

The following are tips for teachers and instructors on how to use LiveBinders to support professional development.

Professional Reading

The following are examples of items which an educator can use these binders to support professional develop of teaching and learning activities.

• Google resources for the teaching and learning.

• How to guides for using web 2.0 tools, social booking tools, and other online resources.

• How to guide for using Interactive White Boards.

• Open resources for updating or refreshing content knowledge.

• Resources to complete professional development activities.

• Resources for college course projects, readings, and other assignments.

• Record keeping of all continuing education credits earned for recertification.

Teacher Collaboration

The following are tips for using LiveBinders to support collaboration with colleagues and members of a personal learning network.

• Professional development ideas and resources.

• Sharing of teacher and instructor resources, ideas, and tips.

• Resources for collaborative research projects.

• Resources for curriculum development projects.

General Benefits and Advantages of LiveBinders

The following is a summary of the benefits and advantages of using LiveBinders to support teaching, learning, and professional development.

• They are free!

• Material and resources are up loadable from any computer, anytime, and anywhere with internet access.

• Educators can use a class blog or wiki to provide students’ access to a binder.

• Total storage per account is 100 MB, providing the opportunity to create multiple binders for teaching and learning.

• A bookmark tool is available a browser’s toolbar to quickly upload new resources to a binder.

• A binder is invaluable for creating a library of resources for students and educators to use.

These how to strategies, ideas, and tips provide just a sample of the many ways LiveBinders support teaching and student learning. The use of this web 2.0 tool replaces a physical notebook or binder for educators. To support the value this tool can provide – the American Association of School Librarians has selected LiveBinders as one of their Top 25 Best Websites for teaching and learning in July of 2010.

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