I Think Therefore I Am: The Only Provable Fact
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I Think Therefore I Am: The Only Provable Fact

I think therefore I am was originally said in Latin by Rene Descartes. The Latin version of the phrase is cogito ergo sum. It's more of a philosophical statement than anything, but scientifically, it makes sense as well if you were trying to prove something, because the minds of people are not infallible.

It is said in philosophy that there is really only one provable fact that you can be 100% certain of. I think, therefore I am. This means that because you think, you can be sure that you exist, because if you didn't exist, you wouldn't be able to think at all. 

This was a phrase from Rene Descartes, or perhaps it was somebody else, we can't be sure. I could have said it myself, and I'm pretty sure I thought it at some point, although my thinking could have been wrong. 

The point of this philosophical statement is that there is uncertainty in everything, because you might be dreaming, or you might be in an illusion, where you think that something is there, when in fact it's not. 

In Latin the statement is cogito ergo sum, and might have orginally been said in another language, or it could be an eternal statement said in multiple alien languages in different variations of our universe, we don't know. 

Another thing we don't know is if this is in fact the only provable fact. It could be that there is something else apart from our consciousness that can be proven to a 100% certainty. 

If you think that you know of any other provable facts, leave them in a comment, because I would be interested to know what they are, if you in fact exist at all, in order to write them. 

The Only Provable Fact

The thing about this fact is that I can only prove that I exist to myself. I can't prove that I exist to you, and you can't prove that you exist to me, because I could just be hallucinating that I'm hearing or seeing you, and when you think, it's only in your head, not mine. 

I also can't prove anything else about myself, like I can't prove that I'm a man, I can't prove that I'm alive and not dead, because our concept that you have to be alive to think could be wrong. 

There may be many things that we think are true that aren't true at all, and that's what this statement aims to show. You can't be certain about anything really, and a certain amount of disbelief has to be shown to any supposed fact given by science, and also to our assumptions. 

Nothing is proven, nothing is certain, and nothing should be taken for granted except the only provable fact, I think therefore I am. Leave a comment if you want to try to prove that you exist, if only to yourself. 

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1+1=2Another provable fact.This may be of interest to you: http://www.uio.no/studier/emner/matnat/ifi/INF5800/v11/undervisningsmateriale/hrj-TruthProvability.pdfThanks for your article.