Ideas for Doing an English Speaking Test
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Ideas for Doing an English Speaking Test

This article provides a few ideas on doing an English speaking test.

When you teach English, you will need to assess the core skills of the student. This article provides ideas on what to do for an English speaking test, if you want to know how to do an English speaking test, follow this link.


Give your students a topic a week or so before the date of the English speaking test and ask them to prepare a short presentation. Always give your students a topic so that you can compare the presentations and eliminate any chance of the student choosing a boring subject for their presentation.

Job Interview

Here you can give a pretend job interview for the student to complete their English speaking test. You can ask them questions and they can answer as if they were at a job interview. You can do this test outside the classroom one student at a time.

Questions and Answers

Again, you can complete this English speaking test outside the classroom on a one to one basis. You can ask the students a series of questions and listen to their answers. Advise the students that you want them to speak in full sentences so that you can assess their speaking skills.

Pronounce the Word

This speaking test works best for younger and beginning students. Give them a list of words to pronounce and check to see if they can pronounce the words in a clear manner that can be understood by other English speakers.


If you want to assess a particular part of the English language in your speaking test, prepare a piece of writing using that language and ask the students to read it. This can be done like a presentation or on a one to one basis. For example, maybe you have just taught the 's' ending on words, so you can focus the test around this topic.


Have a conversation with your students, do this one to one so that you can be sure that all students speak. Ask them what they did at the weekend, where they went on holiday, etc. Conversational skills are an important part of any language and speaking English is no different.

Tell a Story

Ask the students to write and story and then read it to the class. Give them a subject for their story and ask them to write it. They can then read the prepared story to the class and you can use this as your English speaking test.


Here are just a few ideas to do an English speaking test with your class. Basically, you want your students to speak for a sufficient amount of time so that you can assess. As long as your students are speaking you can assess their speaking skills. Always choose a topic that requires the students to speak for at least a few minutes (depending on their level) so that you have enough time to accurately assess the student's speaking during their English speaking test.

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Comments (1)

I do not think that I will ever be in a position where I will have to administer an English test, but if the occasion ever arises I will be in a better position to handle it after reading this very detailed article.