Learn to Become an Avid Reader
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Learn to Become an Avid Reader

You know those people. The ones who wait for the movie, instead of reading the book. The ones who watch tv, or read tabloids, or read the fliers and throw away the newspaper - Oh, a coupon, yippee! Are you one of those people?

Probably sometimes. We all are sometimes. I read at least one fiction book a week, and usually a non-fiction one as well. I follow almost a hundred blogs - not religiously, but when the topic applies, of course I pore over it like a fiend. I love magazines - fitness, beauty, fashion, music, cooking - you name it. I love the glossy pages, the thick weight of them, the treasures found with each turn of the page.

But, if I'm waiting in line to pay for groceries, I am all about the latest Britney news, which celebrity is hooking up with who, and yes, even a good old Archie comic. Sometimes I read a Harlequin romance, even though I know the ending before I begin reading.

With reading, however, it's good to find a balance. Because there is such a wealth of knowledge that can be lost if you ignore an entire realm within the reading world. I recently discovered ebooks - amazing! Such obscure information suddenly available to me, and sometimes it's free! You want to make sure you're getting your information from various sources, because not doing this will limit your scope, your span, your all encompassing knowledge of everything in the entire world. Not really, but it's good to be well-informed, so that your opinions are well-rounded, open and backed up. One way of doing this is by having that balance, by reading different mediums.

So you say you don't like books? Chances are, you just haven't been reading the right kind. Ask for recommendations from friends who read the same types of magazines as you, or are interested in the same things. Now, read a little bit each day. It only has to be twenty minutes; most people like to do this before bed. I read during my commute and before bed. I like to keep a book with me at all times, because you never know when you have to sit around in a waiting room, stand around in a line, wait half an hour for a friend who is late. Instead of fiddling around randomly with my cellphone, I have something proactive and enjoyable to do. Try different kinds of books, spend a little bit of time in the library, exploring, think of what really interests you and then funnel that interest into your reading material.

You will be sporting the glasses and sweater vest in no time, you avid reading nerd. Just kidding - you'll be cooler than ever, full of new knowledge, fresh facts, and plenty of perspective on different subjects.

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Bookstores will be mad at me for saying this, but everyone should have and use a library card. You can get anything at or through the library you can imagine. Just walking down the isles you can see books that are interesting you might not have thought about reading.