Top 20 Facts About the English Language
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Top 20 Facts About the English Language

A list of the top twenty (20) facts about the English Language.

There are hundreds of facts about the English language, I have compiled a short list of 20:

1. 'I am' is the shortest sentence you can form using more than one word.

2. English contains far more words than any other language.

3. The sentence: 'Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.' contains every letter in the English Alphabet.

4. 'Rhythm' is the longest word in the English language with no vowels, only consonants.

5. The Second Edition of the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary contains full entries for 171,476 words in current use, and 47,156 obsolete words.

6. The word 'News' comes from North, East, West and South.

7. No words in the English language rhyme with the words, orange, silver, month and purple.

8. There is a seven letter word in the English language that contains ten words without rearranging any of its letters, 'therein': the, there, he, in, rein, her, here, here, ere, therein, herein. firefox

9. 'Stewardesses' is the longest word that can by typed on a QWERTY keyboard in the standard position with your left hand, 'polyphony' with your right hand.

10. The word 'typewriter' can be typed using on the the top line of a QWERTY keyboard.

11. English is the most widely learnt second language in the world.

12. Although more people speak Chinese, English is more widespread and spoken all over the world.

13. English is now a lingua franca, that is a common language between people who don't speak the native language of the person they are talking to.

14. English is used in Aviation throughout the entire world. For example, a German Pilot talking to German Air Traffic Control, flying a German Lutfhansa firefoxplane would speak to his German counterpart in English.

15. The word 'apple' is over 14,000 years old and originated in the pre-Indo-European group called nostratic.

16. A group of Crows is called a murder.

17. 'Dreamt' is the only English word to end in “mt”.

18. The highest named finite number is called a Googolplex, which is 10Googol where a googol is 10100.

19. Over 400 million people use English as their native language.

20. Over 700 million people speak English as a Second language.

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