Using the Internet As an Educational Tool at Home
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Using the Internet As an Educational Tool at Home

A look at how parents can support their child's education at home using the internet as a tool for resources.

Many parents wish to support their child in their education and this support usually takes place in the home. A valuable resource that parents can use in supporting their child’s education is the internet. There are a number of ways in which the internet can be used as a tool to help your child to develop in a number of subject areas and help them to acquire new skills. Here are some ways in which you, as a parent, can help your child at home using the internet as your tool.


At various points throughout your child’s school career, it will be a requirement for them to revise. The internet can be a great way for them to revise for any subject that is necessary. Not only will it provide them with texts to read on the subject, many websites also offer quizzes, videos and interactive games that will all help them in the learning process.


The ways in which the internet can help with research is twofold. Research for the child and research for the parents. Often, children will be set homework that involves them doing research for a project on a given topic. The internet is a great tool for completing such an activity. Sometimes a child will ask for the help of a parent in completing their homework. Often, parents are embarrassed to realise that they know very little about the subject that their child is asking for support in. Therefore, the internet can be vital in you being able to seek out the answers for questions that your child is asking you.

Typing Practise

Gone are the days when a teacher writes notes on the blackboard and the child copies it into their book. Nowadays, a lot of schoolwork is completed using computers and other technology. If your child has difficulty with typing, then this can hamper their progress within the classroom. The internet provides a range of fun typing programmes that can help them to improve their typing speed. Parents can encourage their children to access these fun websites via the internet at home to ensure that they can keep up with their peers.

Developing Literacy and Numeracy

If your child is having difficulty in acquiring literacy and numeracy skills, then it may be especially important that they have the support of their parents at home. It is also possible that if your child is having difficulties in these areas, that they will not particularly enjoy doing them. Therefore, it is vital that you make their learning experiences at home as fun as possible. Search the internet for websites that have games on that promote reading, spelling and maths. There are lots of them about and they will not only help your child to develop their skills in these areas, but also to learn that they can have fun whilst acquiring these skills and furthering their education.

Printable Resources

A final way that the internet can be used to your advantage in supporting the learning of your child is to get printable resources. There are literally millions of websites that provide these resources. Simply type the topic that you are interested in studying with your child into the toolbar of the search engine and see what results come up. Printable resources come in a variety of forms. These include informative text documents, question and answer sheets and even fun games, such as crosswords and word searches, all of which can help your child's education. For younger children, you will also find resources that are more visually based such as pictures and colouring sheets.

Whatever the topic and whatever teaching methods you choose to support your child’s learning at home, the internet can be a great tool that can be used to your advantage. If you need specific advice about which topics your child should be studying at their current stage in their education or any areas that your child is having difficulties, then seek advice from your child’s teacher. It is likely that they will also be able to recommend a number of websites for you to visit with your child.

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